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I knew that burning candles is not great for indoor air quality, but Willy and I indulged a few times recently. After tucking Sweet William and Fergus into bed, it felt cozy and relaxing to eat a simple dinner by candlelight. But my nagging conscience finally got me, so I did some reading. Most candles […]

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Sweet William has picked up his dada’s obsession with trains. After watching William haul his Brio starter set around the house, we decided Santa Claus should bring him a more elaborate set. We chose the Name Train Town Train Set by Maple Landmark Woodcraft. William plays with this darling set whenever he has the chance. […]

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Badger Baby Balm

About ten days ago I took Fergus to the pediatrician to check out a painful-looking rash that had developed on his cheeks. She took one look and diagnosed dry skin. Winter is hard on a baby! I started applying olive oil to his face and scalp, but found it hard to control when Fergus wriggled. […]

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Madelynn’s Spinach Pancakes

When we feed Sweet William spinach, he makes an ugly face. Fortunately, his nanny and best friend, Madelynn, is an ace in the kitchen. She devised a spinach pancake recipe that he loves. These green pancakes are good warm or at room temperature and they travel well. We keep a batch in the freezer. Madelynn’s […]

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Bottles for Fergus

Fergus has started taking his late-night feeding from a bottle offered by his dada. We use the Evenflo Classic glass bottle in the four ounce size. It’s economical, it’s safe, and it’s compatible with both my Medela electric pump and my Lansinoh manual pump. The advantage of glass bottles is that they don’t contain any […]

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Healing Dry Skin

I’ve written about Herbaliz (Liz McEwan) in the past. Her natural body care products are wonderful. I started using her Heavy Duty Healing Butter on my hands, which were cracked and chapped from all the hand washing associated with diapering my two boys. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s doing wonders. My skin is smooth […]

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