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Dr. Landrigan’s Healthy Pregnancy Tips

Dr. Philip Landrigan is a pediatrician and the director of Mt. Sinai’s Children’s Environmental Health Center. Here’s a link to his 8 tips for a healthy pregnancy. They include beware of lead, eat only safe fish, and avoid phthalates and BPA. Landrigan’s advice should be heeded not only by pregnant women, but also by those […]

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“And You Thought It Was Just ‘Pink’ Slime”

The non-profit investigative journalism organization ProPublica explains Lean Finely Textured Beef, Mechanically Separated Meat, and Advanced Meat Recovery. Click here to get the background on your meatloaf, taco filling, and hot dogs. This information might encourage you to get to know your local butcher and learn about the source of his or her meat. Does […]

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Soft Drinks Linked to Disease in Children

Researchers in Sydney have found precursory signs of cardiovascular disease in children as young as 12 who have a high intake of sugary drinks. Read more at the Sydney Morning Herald.  

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Stuffed Animal Wash Day

Sweet William’s grandmother gave him a stuffed lamb for Christmas a year ago. He named it Baba (accent on the second syllable). She later gave me a back-up lamb so I’d be covered if Baba went missing or had to take a bath in the washing machine. The first time I swapped them, William laughed […]

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Plan Toys Baby Activity Gym

Fergus loves the Plan Toys Baby Activity Gym — the perfect choice for parents with a limited tolerance for noisy, blinking, plastic toys. The gym is a sturdy, wooden tripod with three attachments: a mirror, a rattle, and a squeaky grab toy. We dangle a couple of Haba toys for added variety. Sometimes Fergus chews […]

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Baby Bunnies

Fergus and Sweet William wish you a Happy Easter!  

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Arsenic (and More) in Chicken

A while back, I highlighted a report about arsenic in chicken. It’s fed to chickens because it makes their flesh an appetizing shade of pink. I don’t care that the levels are low: arsenic is poison and I’m not going to knowingly ingest any amount of it. I certainly won’t feed it to my babies. […]

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50% off at NatureShop

NatureShop has a 50% off sale on organic clothing for babies. Most items ship from the UK, but shipping is free. Fergus has several of their organic onesies in both cotton and merino wool. They’re very pretty. If I had a girl, I’d order this darling pink kimono dress (for $14.98).  

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