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Diaper Drama

I initially chose to diaper Sweet William in cloth diapers because: a. I hate the idea of disposable diaper waste. b. We have a washer and dryer in our apartment. c. New York is not experiencing a water shortage. Unfortunately, after several months of diaper happiness, our high efficiency washer either left detergent residue on […]

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Sweet William Says “Ick”

Mama and Sweet William are taking a personal day to recover from colds and an ear infection. William calls this “ick.” In the meanwhile, we thought you might like these snapshots from the past few months.          

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FDA Fails to Ban BPA

On Friday the FDA announced that it chose not to ban BPA in food packaging. The agency claims there is no immediate cause for such action, despite thousands of studies linking it to health problems such as infertility, breast cancer and prostate cancer. BPA leaches from containers into food and beverages. It is in the […]

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Stockmar Crayons

When you see a product marketed as “non-toxic,” it’s a good idea to ask, “Says who?” I called Crayola to find out what is in their “non-toxic” crayons.  I knew their wax is petroleum-based paraffin, which I don’t want Sweet William to ingest.  I wanted to know what they use for pigments. After a long […]

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