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Argington Bam Bam Crib Update

Several months ago, I recommended Argington’s Bam Bam convertible crib set, which I purchased for Darling Fergus. It was time-consuming to assemble, but the parts arrived in good condition and without any suspicious chemical smells. We’ve been happy with it. Unfortunately, Bam Bam has given others parents major trouble. […]

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Clean Air Action

Support clean air and children’s health: The EPA has proposed new Soot Standards, which could lower the allowable amount of soot in the air from 15 to 11 mcg per cubic meter. Click here to sign a MomsRising petition, telling the EPA you support the new standards and want to clean up our air.

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Battery Recycling

Rechargeable batteries wear out, particularly if they’re powering your baby’s favorite blinking toy. Don’t throw them in the trash. Click here to find a used battery dropbox, courtesy call2recycle. The organization has already recycled more than 4 million pounds of batteries this year. They also accept broken cell phones.

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Graco Bans Flame Retardants

An online activism success! After nearly 4,000 parents signed Sara Snow’s petition to Graco, asking it to eliminate flame retardants from its children’s products, the company has committed to a flame retardant ban. This is especially significant because Graco sells nearly 1 out of every 3 baby gear products in the United States. […]

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Under the Sink

“Will penetrate skin and attack underlying tissues and bone.” “Known to the state of California to cause cancer.” “Suspected of damaging the unborn child.” Care to guess where these words appear? On the websites and technical disclosures of everyday household cleaners. […]

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Air Quality App

The American Lung Association has a fantastic app for the iPhone or Android that tells you the quality of the air anywhere in the United States. It’s called State of the Air and you can download it here.

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In the News

You’re probably not surprised that I’m a news junkie when it comes to chemicals, the environment, and children’s health. Here are some recent articles of interest. Lead found in many purses, bags and wallets (San Francisco Chronicle, July 11) BPA makes fish court other species (New Scientist, July 11) […]

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