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Featuring Fergus

Darling Fergus has a lot of loyal fans out there, and I’ve heard a few say they think he’s getting short shrift on My Sweet William. Not anymore! Fridays are now dedicated to Fergus and his adventures. [...]

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Banned in Toys, Allowed in School Supplies

Seventy-five percent of school supplies tested by CHEJ had such high levels of toxic phthalates that they would be illegal if they were toys. See this report and the related guide to buying safe supplies for your kids. [...]

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Sweet William’s Eggless Turkey Meatballs

Sweet William is a pretty good eater, but I’m always excited to find a way to slip a green vegetable onto his plate. Here’s my latest success …

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Honest Diapers

Sweet William and Darling Fergus have been wearing The Honest Company’s diapers since I lost patience with Seventh Generation a few months ago. (See the backstory, involving dyes and the Lorax, here.) I haven’t given diapers much thought since then, which has been a nice thing. Here’s why Honest diapers were a good decision for my family. [...]

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In the News

Big Chem, Big Harm? (NYT, 8/26/2102) Nicholas Kristof writes that the big chemical companies have blocked any serious regulation of endocrine disruptors. He continues,

Like a lot of Americans, I used to be skeptical of risks from chemicals like endocrine disruptors that are all around us. What could be safer than canned food? I figured that opposition came from tree-hugging Luddites prone to conspiracy theories.

Yet, a few years ago, I began to read the peer-reviewed journal articles, and it became obvious that the opposition to endocrine disruptors is led by toxicologists, endocrinologists, urologists and pediatricians. These are serious scientists, yet they don’t often have the ear of politicians or journalists. [...]

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This Morning’s Breakfast

This is how I will remember the summer of 2012. I’m going to miss hosing off my children and the furniture after meals.

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Food Allergies

I can’t resist sharing this photo of Darling Fergus, who is almost nine months old. He really knows how to ham it up for the camera.

Fergus began eating solid foods when he was a little more than six months old. Avocado and banana, two mushy and seemingly benign foods, triggered hives. We quickly took him to an allergist who tested and diagnosed him with serious allergies to dairy, eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts, and sesame seeds [...]

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EWG’s Good Food on a Tight Budget

I’m super excited about Environmental Working Group‘s latest invaluable tool for families: Good Food on a Tight Budget.

The group assessed nearly 1,200 foods to hand-pick the most nutritious, most affordable foods with the fewest pesticides, contaminants, and artificial ingredients.

The guide offers quick lists of best foods, easy and flexible recipes, and tools for tracking food prices and creating shopping lists.

Read the guide online and download the PDF to print and keep in your kitchen. Better yet, make a donation to EWG to support its wonderful work and receive a copy of the booklet.

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