A Corporation Responds to Consumer Demands

I sent an email to General Mills expressing my frustration that the company continues to sell food in cans lined with BPA. I received this response.

General Mills uses can coatings that fully comply with all applicable global requirements for safe use in food contact materials. But we know that some consumers would like us to pursue alternatives – and we are working intensively with our can suppliers and manufacturers to develop and test linings that do not use BPA. While alternatives have not been identified for all types of foods, we did identify a safe, viable alternative for our tomato products under the Muir Glen brand. We began transitioning those to the alternative cans with the fall 2010 tomato harvest.

With other alternatives currently being tested, we are optimistic that new options will be identified in time. When viable alternative [sic] prove safe and effective for other products, we would expect can suppliers and the food industry – in response to consumer interest – to convert to alternative coatings.

(Emphasis added).

Bravo, concerned consumers! This is a real step forward, though we have to remain vigilant. I don’t know what General Mills considers “a safe, viable alternative” to BPA. Other bisphenols may be as (or more) hazardous.

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