About My Sweet William

Before my son William was born in June 2010, I began to investigate the safety of the baby products I would buy, from bottles to toys to furniture. I was disheartened by the number of items I found to contain potentially dangerous chemicals. I never dreamed it would take hours, even days, to find products free of carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other health threats.

I soon realized that the best way to organize my piles of research and vent my frustration was to share this information. By recommending safe products, I could save parents a lot of time and effort. I could help them make healthier homes for their babies. Together we could create a demand for better baby products and support the manufacturers and retailers who sell them. In April 2011, I launched mysweetwilliam.org to spread the word and encourage “Pocketbook Voting for Baby’s Well-Being.”

In the months that followed, I learned more about the soaring rates of childhood illnesses and their links to environmental exposure. I learned that over 80,000 chemicals are registered for use in American manufacturing, and that fetuses, infants, and small children are uniquely vulnerable to their health effects. I learned to be better aware of my own chemical exposure during my second pregnancy (we welcomed Fergus into the world last November).

I also learned that chemical safety awareness doesn’t have to make you feel crazy, neurotic, or alone. Growing numbers of doctors, scientists, and parents are working for better product standards and a cleaner environment. Small gestures add up: start a simple habit of opening the windows to air out your home and your family will benefit.

Coinciding with William’s second birthday, I expanded My Sweet William to include information resources, shopping sites, links to advocacy groups, and opportunities to take action. I continue to feature breaking news and reviews of products that I have purchased for my family (I do not receive free samples or services for review).

My Sweet William exists for William, Fergus, and every baby, because they have a right to be healthy.