Bathing cutie

Sweet William loved to bathe in his Tummy Tub, but when he started locking his knees and refusing to sit, it was time to shop for a new tub.

I learned that inflatable tubs are best avoided because they usually contain PVC. Hard tubs are less likely to use leaching plastics.

We chose the Flexi Bath by A Real Cool World. It’s free of PVC, phthalates, BPA, and heavy metals. The tub is designed and produced in Denmark and it complies with Danish and European standards.

Bonus: Flexi Bath is a great looking tub. It folds up flat for storage, which makes me feel less overwhelmed by all the baby gear in the bathroom. The drain plug is a little tight, but we never use it — we just tip the tub and pour the water out.

William approves.  Lots of room to splash!  Coming soon, safe rubber duckies.

Flexi Bath by A Real Cool World


Quickly folds for storage.

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