Boo Orajel

Sweet William is not excited about brushing his teeth, but we’ve been working harder at it lately, especially after that dismal report in the New York Times about toddlers with huge numbers of cavities.

I bought William children’s toothpaste, of course, because it is free of fluoride and safer when he swallows it. I must have been distracted by the array of flavors, because I chose Orajel’s Berry Blast without carefully reading the ingredients.

I remembered to check the fine print the other day. I tossed the tube in the trash as soon as I saw the words “methylparaben” and “propylparaben.”

Parabens are synthetic preservatives found in cosmetics and personal care products. They are endocrine disruptors — they mimic or disrupt hormones in the human body.

Better children’s toothpastes are out there. We’re trying Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel.


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