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Sweet William’s First School Lunch

Sweet William started preschool on Monday. It was a huge success. He didn’t want to leave when I arrived to pick him up. […]

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Last Halloween, Sweet William turned into
a marshmallow.

Making Halloween Healthier

Halloween is fast approaching. I’ve shared tips on how to keep it safe and non-toxic at Natural Kidz. I hope you’ll check it out!

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Recovering From Travel

Another air travel adventure for Sweet William and Darling Fergus. Our American Airlines return from San Francisco was delayed five hours for maintenance. We were finally about to board when we learned that the pilot had hit his head and had to be replaced (another two hours in the airport). I guess I’m already blocking […]

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Flying With a Food-Allergic Baby

The countdown has begun! Tomorrow our family heads to San Francisco for Aunt Kathryn’s wedding. Sweet William and Darling Fergus are already experienced travelers, having visited different parts of the country by train, plane, and rental car. It feels like I’ve packed our bags a thousand times, but I get a little nervous when I […]

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Skip Hop's whale cover for the bath spout.

Fergus and the Whale

… Until recently, Darling Fergus and Sweet William have been content to play with wash cloths and unbreakable cups. Then Fergus discovered he could drink from the spout. Now all he wants to do is stand under the flow, lapping and sputtering….

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In the News

What’s that stuff in my bra? (Grist, 9/17/12) Invoking the precautionary principle when it comes to foam rubber bras: “Why cloak ourselves in maybe-yucky polyurethane all day when we could reduce our reliance on petroleum and chemicals by investing in a nice, simple, organic-cotton number?” In the wake of studies showing high levels of arsenic […]

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Fergus’ Washable (Not Edible) Tissues

What could be more fun than pulling tissues out of a box? If Fergus could speak, he would say, “Eating them!” I don’t know how many times I pulled wads of paper out of his mouth before I wised up …

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Sweet William wears a blueberry smoothie mustache.

Straw, Please!

Sweet William loves his blueberry breakfast smoothies as much as I hate cleaning them up. The mustache is cute, but there has to be a better way to do this. […]

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