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Charlie Banana

Fergus shows a clear preference for reusable cotton wipes over disposable wipes.  A little warm water on a soft Charlie Banana organic cotton wipe and his bottom is clean with less irritation. Amazon has them at a great price.  “Subscribe & Save” to get a two-pack (twenty wipes) for $16.80 with free shipping. No fabric […]

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Teething Relief

Sweet William was cranky, drooly, and drippy for weeks. I thought he was fighting through a cold until I saw a molar pop up. The poor kid went on to cut five more teeth in the course of a month. Our pharmacist at Kids Rx (a wonderful resource for New Yorkers) recommended Boiron Camilia for […]

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Better Antibacterial Soap

I don’t think antibacterial soap is necessary, but some people like it after handling a baby’s diaper or before preparing a bottle. When you read the label of almost any antibacterial soap, you’ll find triclosan is the active ingredient. Unfortunately, triclosan is linked to hormone disruption in lab animals and causes antibiotic resistance. Triclosan sticks […]

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Sweet William and his dada and I are getting ready for our trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest. It’s not exactly William’s first fest — last year, seven weeks before he was born, he kicked and punched when he heard the Treme Brass Band. On my packing list are a couple of good sunblocks […]

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