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Celebrating and Supporting Girls: International Day of the Girl

Last night I attended Plan International’s dinner to benefit Because I Am a Girl. The initiative works to give girls access to their most basic human rights: clean water, food, healthcare, education, financial security, and protection from violence and exploitation.

At dinner, I had a chance to meet the courageous and talented Gifty, an 18 year old from the Upper Manya Krobo District of Ghana. She is the only daughter in her family and has worked tremendously hard to stay in school, despite her many responsibilities at home and the logistical difficulties of attending the only secondary school in her district. [...]

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Contact Senator Reid Today

Please help bring the Safe Chemicals Act to the Senate floor this fall.

Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, a broad-based coalition working to fix the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) of 1976, has made it easy for you to ask public health champion Senator Harry Reid to bring the bill to the floor.

Click here to send a tweet, get Senator Reid’s phone number, or send him a message. Please take action now!

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BPA in Infant Formula

Please sign here to join MomsRising in demanding that the FDA ban BPA from infant formula packaging.

More than 200 scientific studies link BPA exposure to breast cancer, prostate cancer, birth defects, diabetes, obesity, and other health issues. Infants are at particular risk because their brains and organs are still developing.

BPA leaches from packaging into food and beverages, and it moves into our bodies. Exposure early in life increases infants’ risks of cancer and other diseases later in life.

The FDA banned BPA from bottles and sippy cups, but that’s not enough. Please take action to have it removed from infant formula packaging.

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Banned in Toys, Allowed in School Supplies

Seventy-five percent of school supplies tested by CHEJ had such high levels of toxic phthalates that they would be illegal if they were toys. See this report and the related guide to buying safe supplies for your kids. [...]

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Let Us Eat Local

Tickets are on sale for Let Us Eat Local, an annual tasting event in NYC on October 3 that benefits Just Food, a non-profit that works to make fresh, locally grown food accessible to all New Yorkers. Purchase your tickets by August 15 for a discount.

I ate so much delectable food at last year’s event that I nearly had to be rolled out the door. I was pregnant with Fergus and skipped the specialty cocktails, but the folks from Organic Valley sent me home with a carton of organic milk.

Can’t attend? Host a local-themed dinner party at home. Invite your guests to bring a dish that features at least one locally raised ingredient, and spread the word about Just Food’s mission.

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Clean Air Action

Support clean air and children’s health: The EPA has proposed new Soot Standards, which could lower the allowable amount of soot in the air from 15 to 11 mcg per cubic meter. Click here to sign a MomsRising petition, telling the EPA you support the new standards and want to clean up our air.

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Graco Bans Flame Retardants

An online activism success! After nearly 4,000 parents signed Sara Snow’s petition to Graco, asking it to eliminate flame retardants from its children’s products, the company has committed to a flame retardant ban.

This is especially significant because Graco sells nearly 1 out of every 3 baby gear products in the United States. [...]

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Required Reading: “Playing With Fire”

The Chicago Tribune recently published an investigative series exploring how the tobacco industry, along with three chemical companies that produce flame retardants, successfully campaigned for laws requiring flame retardants in furniture. Studies show that flame retardants do not provide safety, and evidence links them to cancer, fetal impairment, and reproductive problems. I can’t think of […]

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