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Fergus Reviews Stacking Toys

Darling Fergus has a new favorite pastime: stacking. Here are his reviews of the sort-and-stack toys he inherited from Sweet William, along with a couple of others he picked up along the way. [...]

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Recovering From Travel

Another air travel adventure for Sweet William and Darling Fergus. Our American Airlines return from San Francisco was delayed five hours for maintenance. We were finally about to board when we learned that the pilot had hit his head and had to be replaced (another two hours in the airport). I guess I’m already blocking the memory because I can’t tell you how we passed the time, though photo evidence reminds me that William conked out on a bench for about 40 minutes. That’s a little cable car he’s clutching in his fist. [...]

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This Is Not a Box!

It’s a passenger car! Sweet William asks, “Where’s the steam engine?”

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Fergus and the Whale

… Until recently, Darling Fergus and Sweet William have been content to play with wash cloths and unbreakable cups. Then Fergus discovered he could drink from the spout. Now all he wants to do is stand under the flow, lapping and sputtering….

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Fergus’ New Train

Darling Fergus can’t keep his hands off Sweet William’s trains. He also can’t keep them out of his mouth. Whenever I turn my back, I hear poor William cry, “Don’t eat the trains, Fergus!” [...] (video)

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Fergus Walks With Woodpeckers

How did this happen so soon? See Fergus in action with his Plan Toys woodpecker walker.

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Featuring Fergus

Darling Fergus has a lot of loyal fans out there, and I’ve heard a few say they think he’s getting short shrift on My Sweet William. Not anymore! Fridays are now dedicated to Fergus and his adventures. [...]

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Extreme Flying With Babies

We just returned from an excellent vacation in Kansas City, which I’ll report about shortly. First, I’ll share my notes on how we survived getting home at 2:50 a.m. after our flight was rescheduled, rerouted, and repeatedly delayed. [...]

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