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ZukaBaby and Fergus’ New Shoes

The first time I visited ZukaBaby, a little shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans, I felt a mix of joy and frustration. So many wonderful, safe baby products! And so many hours of research I could have saved if I had found ZukaBaby sooner! ZukaBaby carries our favorite clothing (Under the Nile), toys (Maple […]

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Our Healthy Play Mat

I gave up trying to find an acceptable foam play mat for Fergus and Sweet William. Many mats are made from EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate), which is safer than PVC, but doesn’t guarantee that they are free of endocrine-disrupting phthalates. Some manufacturers will not say that their mats are PVC-free. Some mats are treated with […]

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Stuffed Animal Wash Day

Sweet William’s grandmother gave him a stuffed lamb for Christmas a year ago. He named it Baba (accent on the second syllable). She later gave me a back-up lamb so I’d be covered if Baba went missing or had to take a bath in the washing machine. The first time I swapped them, William laughed […]

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Plan Toys Baby Activity Gym

Fergus loves the Plan Toys Baby Activity Gym — the perfect choice for parents with a limited tolerance for noisy, blinking, plastic toys. The gym is a sturdy, wooden tripod with three attachments: a mirror, a rattle, and a squeaky grab toy. We dangle a couple of Haba toys for added variety. Sometimes Fergus chews […]

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Stockmar Crayons

When you see a product marketed as “non-toxic,” it’s a good idea to ask, “Says who?” I called Crayola to find out what is in their “non-toxic” crayons.  I knew their wax is petroleum-based paraffin, which I don’t want Sweet William to ingest.  I wanted to know what they use for pigments. After a long […]

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Toy Storage

It must have been Christmas that pushed us past the tipping point. Suddenly Sweet William’s toys, which we tried so hard to control, scattered everywhere. It was time to acquire a toy box. Dada found this solid wood, unfinished toy box by Little Colorado. It has a locking hinge to keep William from pinching his […]

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Sweet William has picked up his dada’s obsession with trains. After watching William haul his Brio starter set around the house, we decided Santa Claus should bring him a more elaborate set. We chose the Name Train Town Train Set by Maple Landmark Woodcraft. William plays with this darling set whenever he has the chance. […]

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Noli Noli

Santa is going to bring Fergus a Noli Noli handmade rattle for Christmas.   Noli Noli’s toys are made in New York City from unfinished, unstained wood. They come with a beeswax-shea butter mix for conditioning the wood when it gets dry. The rattles have dried beans inside. I think Sweet William would like Noli […]

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