Sweet William has picked up his dada’s obsession with trains. After watching William haul his Brio starter set around the house, we decided Santa Claus should bring him a more elaborate set. We chose the Name Train Town Train Set by Maple Landmark Woodcraft.

William plays with this darling set whenever he has the chance. Connecting the magnetic train cars and placing them on the track is definitely improving his dexterity. We’re excited to see that he’s learning to fit the track pieces together.

I’m impressed with Maple Landmark Woodcraft’s commitment to quality and safety. Their website acknowledges that parents’ concerns go beyond a toy’s lead content. They describe in detail the various finishes and materials used in their toys.

Maple Landmark Woodcraft toys are made in Middlebury, Vermont, where the company employs about 30 people. Their online catalog is extensive, with games, toys, and decor for all ages. It’s a great place to look for birthday and holiday gifts.

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