Featuring Fergus

Darling Fergus has a lot of loyal fans out there, and I’ve heard a few say they think he’s getting short shrift on My Sweet William. Not anymore! Fridays are now dedicated to Fergus and his adventures.

I’m still waiting for Fergus to cut his first tooth. He gnaws and drools, but he’s been gnawing and drooling for months, so I don’t think this signifies much. He’ll chew on almost anything, including furniture and the refrigerator door. But Fergus always seems happiest when I stick a wooden teether in his hand.

Wooden teethers are a wonderful alternative to plastic. When unfinished, like these from Maple Landmark, they’re free of toxic chemicals and finishes. The smooth, hard surface must feel good on the gums, and the contours allow baby to explore. They’re easy to wash, plus wood is naturally anti-bacterial.

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