Fergus’ New Train

Darling Fergus can’t keep his hands off Sweet William’s trains. He also can’t keep them out of his mouth. Whenever I turn my back, I hear poor William cry, “Don’t eat the trains, Fergus!”

William’s Maple Landmark trains are quite safe. They’re made from wood and are colored with non-toxic dyes and paints. Still, they’re not meant for babies: They have small wheels and magnets that will break off when the trains are mishandled with enough force. I’m nervous about those pieces ending up in Fergus’ mouth.

I decided Fergus needed his own train and was happy to spot this baby-friendly push toy by Manny & Simon in a local shop. It’s made in the USA from recycled wood and is painted with non-toxic, zero-VOC paint. Fergus likes it, and so does William. I guess this will be a good occasion to work on sharing!

Darling Fergus and his new train by Manny & Simon.

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