Fergus’ Washable (Not Edible) Tissues

What could be more fun than pulling tissues out of a box? If Fergus could speak, he would say, “Eating them!”

I don’t know how many times I pulled wads of paper out of his mouth before I wised up and gave him my box of reusable cotton tissues by Better for Grownups. They’re like mini-handkerchiefs that you wash, fold, and stick back in the box. There’s a hidden tray in the bottom of the box for the used tissues (I remove these before letting Fergus play).

Do you ever use a handkerchief? Doesn’t it feel better than a scratchy paper tissue? My husband keeps a fresh cotton bandana in his back pocket every day. His nose doesn’t run much, but he uses it to dry his hands or wipe off a piece of fruit when he’s on the run.

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