Flying With a Food-Allergic Baby

Darling Fergus gets familiar with his new lunch bag by
Mimi the Sardine.

The countdown has begun! Tomorrow our family heads to San Francisco for Aunt Kathryn’s wedding.

Sweet William and Darling Fergus are already experienced travelers, having visited different parts of the country by train, plane, and rental car. It feels like I’ve packed our bags a thousand times, but I get a little nervous when I try to anticipate our feeding, clothing, and diapering needs (not to mention entertainment).

New York to San Francisco will be our longest flight since Fergus’ diagnosis with multiple food allergies. I’m thinking about ways to safeguard his health. He’s especially grabby, squirrelly, and HUNGRY these days, so I’m going to try these strategies.

• Total seat wipe-down. I’ll board a couple of minutes before my family so I can thoroughly wipe the seats, trays, armrests, walls, and windows before they arrive at our seats.

• Seat covers. I purchased disposable seat covers from PlaneSheets. They can be machine washed but are reportedly not as sturdy as the reusable version. I figure it will help to have a layer between our bodies and any crumbs or grease that remain on the seat.

• A designated lunch kit. I found this sweet lunch bag from Mimi the Sardine for Fergus. To prevent cross-contamination, it will never hold anyone else’s food. Mimi the Sardine’s products for children are made from organic cotton and coated with a non-PVC acrylic that meets Oeko-Tex standards. We use and appreciate their bibs and splash mats, which wash well and hold up through a lot of use. I’ll pack a matching bib and placemat.

It goes without saying that we never go anywhere — not even around the block — without Fergus’ Epi-Pens and Benadryl. When making airline reservations, we ask that his food allergies be noted and communicated to the flight attendants. Sometimes they don’t get the information, so we always talk to them when we board a plane.

Do you or your children have food allergies? Please share your tips for safe, less stressful travel with My Sweet William’s readers.

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