Honest Diapers

Sweet William and Darling Fergus have been wearing The Honest Company’s diapers since I lost patience with Seventh Generation diapers a few months ago. (See the backstory, involving dyes and the Lorax, here.) I haven’t given diapers much thought since then, which has been a nice thing.

Here’s why Honest diapers were a good decision for my family.

  • They’re free of chlorine, latex, and petro-chemicals.
  • Based on my math, they seem comparably priced to other eco-conscious diapers and wipes.
  • They usually don’t leak. I’ve had a couple break open when the boys had a lot of milk and slept a long night without a change. I’m not sure any diaper can withstand that challenge, but if Honest is up for it, I’d love to see them produce a nighttime diaper.
  • The wipes got bigger and stronger. I still try to use washable cloth wipes when we’re at home, but I have Honest wipes in the stroller, the car, and my purse. They have a gentle smell and are kind to sensitive skin.
  • They’re easy. The monthly diaper bundle shows up at my doorstep.
  • Honest’s “Personal Service” really is personal. I’ve contacted the company by phone and email and have always gotten friendly, quick, and thorough answers to my questions.
  • They’re cute, don’t you think? The skulls are a little precocious for my taste, but we love the anchors and gingham.

Honest Diapers.

The Honest Company also offers a line of household cleaners and personal care products. I haven’t tried them yet. Have you? Let me know what you think.

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