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papersFlame retardants now seen as health risk (San Francisco Chronicle, 2/3/13) Flame retardant chemicals aren’t only in your furniture. They’re in foam insulation and they may be leaching from your walls. California finally moves to revise its decades-old flammability standard to reduce the use of flame retardants.

Secondhand smoke significant source of lead exposure for children
(Syracuse YNN Radio, 2/2/13) Kids who live with one smoker had lead levels 14% higher than kids who live with non-smokers. Levels jumped to 24% when kids lived with two or more smokers.

California intends to declare BPA a reproductive hazard (Environmental Health News, 1/25/13) Under Prop. 65, items containing high levels of BPA would require warning signs. California based the proposal on “clear evidence of adverse developmental effects in laboratory animals,” but “the acceptable level proposed by state health officials is high, so no warning signs are expected.”

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