Kristof On Endocrine Disruptors

I hope everyone had a chance to read “How Chemicals Affect Us” by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times last week.

Kristof writes about the government’s total failure to regulate endocrine disruptors, despite growing evidence that exposure to these chemicals causes breast cancer, infertility, low sperm counts, genital deformities, early menstruation, diabetes, and obesity.

Endocrine disruptors are in cosmetics, plastics, food packaging, and receipts. As a result, they’re also in our blood, urine, and breast milk and in the cord blood of newborn babies. They trigger hormonal changes that may not show up for decades.

It seems that general awareness of endocrine disruptors is growing (probably because BPA is frequently in the news). I was encouraged to see Kristof’s piece jump to the top of the Times’ “Most E-Mailed” list. Please share the article with your friends and family. Awareness leads to action and better protection of our families.

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