Libraries and Dolly Parton

I have wonderful childhood memories of visiting the public library and reading with my family. Access to books is one of the greatest gifts my parents gave me. I’m sure my sister — a curriculum developer for a national reading program — feels the same way.

It’s something I’d like to pass on to Sweet William and Fergus. William got his library card last summer and checks out three books every week. (Sticking to the same number helps us keep track of returns.)

Here’s a reminder of some benefits of going to the library:
– library books are free.
– library books don’t accumulate and cause clutter.
– borrowing instead of buying saves resources.
– you and your kids can make new friends at the library.
– libraries have story time and special reading programs for kids.
– increased attendance helps keep libraries open for all who need them.

For families who find it difficult to get to the library, consider Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library. If your community has partnered with the program, you can register your child to receive an age-appropriate book every month, from birth to age five, for free.  Sign up here.

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