Meet Boris

Sweet William and I have emerged from yet another surprisingly complicated safe toy search. We are happy to introduce you to Boris.


Sweet William's new friend, Boris


I thought William would benefit from having his own baby doll in advance of his younger sibling’s arrival. I looked high and low for a realistic, molded doll but didn’t find a single one that isn’t made of PVC. Many are advertised as vinyl, and some as “PVC-free vinyl,” which is an oxymoron, since all vinyl is PVC. PVC is a hazardous product from its creation to its disposal. We avoid it even when it is advertised as “phthalate-free” (like the plastic in the popular Corolle dolls).

A rag doll search and a tip from a friend led us to dolls by Peppa, available through Nova Natural Toys & Crafts. They are Fair Trade and made in India of cotton terry cloth and wool. They come in different sizes, skin color, hair color, and clothing.

Despite Boris’ lack of a nose, he is an adorable, very boyish little fellow. William’s first urge was to hug Boris, bite his face, and throw him on the floor, but I suspect he’ll come around.

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