Our Vacation in the Sun

We’re headed home from Miami. Thanks to some good sunblock and protective clothing, we’re as pale as we were the day we left New York!  (I wonder if Sweet William will one day have my freckles.)


Sweet William in his Hanna Andersson hat and suit.

Before heading out to swim or play, we slathered Sweet William’s legs, arms, and face with Badger sunblock, then slipped him into a Hanna Andersson rash guard shirt or swimsuit and his fabulous rash guard hat (these items reportedly block 99% of UVA/UVB rays). I wore my sun hat and a good layer of William’s Badger sunblock. Fergus, approaching three months old, snoozed in the cabana.

Sweet William wears Mama's sun hat and a Hanna Andersson rash guard shirt.


Dada has his own approach to coverage.


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