Pesticide Linked to Brain Abnormalities

The National Academy of Sciences reports that babies exposed in utero to the common insecticide chlorpyrifos have brain abnormalities after birth.

The lead author of the study says that while the chemical’s use was banned in residential areas 12 years ago, many women are still exposed in agricultural settings and through food residue.

Potential exposure to chlorpyrifos is another good reason for pregnant women to eat organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible.

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  1. Alex June 8, 2012 at 1:44 pm #

    Hi Elizabeth,

    I’m catching up on my Sweet William reading this morning and leaving comments galore! I wanted to add an additional point about this one.

    As you point out, the highest rates of exposure to these pesticides happen in agricultural areas. Women farmworkers, who are often disadvantaged in numerous other ways including the lack of fair labor practices, are especially vulnerable. By choosing organic foods you are not only limiting your own exposure to but also supporting the rights of women farm workers, who are also mothers, not to be exposed to dangerous pesticides in their workplace.

    To learn more about these issues and find more ways to support farmworker justice, see organizations like the Pesticide Action Network:

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