PlanToys Activity Blocks

Sweet William clearly had a favorite travel toy on our recent trip: his PlanToys Activity Blocks. The compact set of nine blocks includes three that make noise, three with fabric textures, and three with eye-catching lenses. They come in a pouch that easily fits in a diaper bag.

PlanToys Activity Blocks

PlanToys is a Thai company that produces environmentally sound, safe, educational toys for children. The toys are made with wood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and which go unfertilized for three years before their harvest. PlanToys uses a proprietary low-emissions glue rather than traditional wood glue and water-based dyes instead of those containing heavy metals.

The company runs children’s programs in its community and is involved in reforestation efforts. Its manufacturing facility uses solar energy and bio-fuels to power the kilns that dry the wood and the finished toys.

I wish that PlanToys was an American company on US soil, but I’m enthusiastic about the quality of their products and their commitment to children and the environment.

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