Post-Sandy, Pre-New Orleans

My Sweet William has been off the grid. Hurricane Sandy pushed flood waters into our street (but miraculously not into our basement) and knocked out our power, but we fared well compared to others in our region.

The night after the storm hit, William was hospitalized for breathing difficulty triggered by a cold virus. He’s feeling much better now. He and Darling Fergus have since received wonderful care from doctors at Mt. Sinai’s Jaffe Food Allergy Institute.

Now we’re settled into a temporary apartment while we prepare for our move to New Orleans. There’s construction in our NYC home in advance of our renters moving in; construction in New Orleans as Willy oversees the final work on our new house; and about a million things on our to-do list before we board a one-way flight to the Big Easy on December 17.

I’m trying to keep Fergus and William’s lives as regular as possible in the midst of the upheaval. They have their familiar beds and toys and I’m immensely relieved to keep them out of the dust and debris stirred up by construction and packing. Some of their playgrounds were damaged by the storm, and William’s gymnastics class was cancelled after the facility took in five feet of water. He continues to attend a delightful toddler yoga class at Integral Yoga and both he and Fergus love the Wee Arts program at the Children’s Museum of Art.

Just hours before our local parks were shut in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy, we celebrated Halloween with our neighbors in the West Village.

Getting dressed for Halloween.

Fergus is a baby crawfish!

Our crawboy Sweet William decorates a Halloween bag
at the playground party.

Crawmama and crawbaby.

Crawdaddy and crawbaby.


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  1. Allison Sandve November 20, 2012 at 3:45 am #

    The Craw-Family is beyond cute. So glad to know that life post-Sandy has been OK to you. Given your location, family and friends were worried. Nice to know that you’re re-locating to a city your family loves deeply and to which you’ve given just as much through Build NOW.

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