Pura Kiki Sippy Cup

I’m happy to report that Sweet William’s Pura Kiki sippy cup passes muster. We’re satisfied with its performance and thrilled with its construction.

Pura Kiki is made of stainless steel. The spout and cover are made of silicone. The exterior paint (in cute shades of green, blue and pink) is non-toxic and free of lead, phthalates, PVC and BPA.

Why did we choose stainless steel over a plastic sippy cup?

— Even BPA-free plastic can leach untested chemicals into your baby’s drink. See this New York Times article about the unregulated chemicals that manufacturers substitute for BPA. Many may be just as dangerous to your baby’s health.

— Stainless steel is safe and anti-bacterial (it’s been used in milk pasteurization for years).

Pura Kiki is compatible with a variety of nipples and spouts. The Pura sip spout dribbles when Sweet William holds the cup upside down and mashes the spout, but the silicone cap seems effective in preventing drips.

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