Rain Gear

Sweet William’s stroller, like many others, came with a transparent plastic rain cover that fits neatly over the bonnet, snaps to each side, and attaches snugly below the seat. Strolling the wet streets, not a drop of rain hits him.

A good idea? Not really. The shower curtain smell should be the tip-off: when we use those rain covers, we’re wrapping our babies in a poorly ventilated sheath of PVC.

(Here’s a reminder of why that’s dangerous).

We switched to rain clothes, which can be tricky, as those cute rain slickers and “rubber” boots are often made of PVC. But it’s not impossible to find better options. L.L.Bean, Lands’ End, and R.E.I. all make PVC-free rain wear.

Sweet William models rain wear by L.L.Bean, boots by Hunter.

Now William wears L.L.Bean’s Discovery rain jacket and pants, made of waterproof nylon. They are thin and easy to stow under his stroller seat. His natural rubber rain boots are by Hunter, available from Zappos. (Both L.L.Bean and Zappos offer free shipping; Zappos also pays for return shipping).

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