School Tuna Contains Excessive Mercury

Yes, a plate of sardines. He ate them all.

Last week, Environmental Health News reported that canned albacore tuna purchased by U.S. schools contains more mercury than what government officials have reported. A child who eats two medium servings of albacore tuna per week could be exposed to as much as six times the dose that federal guidelines consider safe.

Children should avoid eating albacore tuna. Children under 55 pounds should eat “light” tuna no more than once a month.

Does this frustrate you? Help fight the pollution that leads to high mercury levels in fish. Check out Moms Clean Air Force.

We’ve discovered that Wild Planet’s sardines are a delicious alternative to canned tuna (they come in a BPA-free can). I split them in half, pull out the spine, and hand them to Sweet William to munch on. He usually asks for more.

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