Stockmar Crayons

When you see a product marketed as “non-toxic,” it’s a good idea to ask, “Says who?”

I called Crayola to find out what is in their “non-toxic” crayons.  I knew their wax is petroleum-based paraffin, which I don’t want Sweet William to ingest.  I wanted to know what they use for pigments.

After a long conversation with a customer service representative, I can only be certain that Crayola crayons do not contain peanuts. I have no idea what goes into their colors.

Other crayon makers are more transparent about the content of their products. Stockmar crayons are made from beeswax and tinted with food-grade pigments. The company tests its products to guarantee that they are free of heavy metals, pesticides, PCBs, and other toxins.

Sweet William likes the shape of Stockmar’s block crayons. The colors layer and blend to create pretty shades and the crayons don’t stick or smudge.

Stockmar crayons are available on Amazon.



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