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In the News

BPA From Cans Messes With Your Ovaries (Mother Jones, 9/27/12) New evidence that BPA can disrupt women’s reproductive systems, causing chromosome damage, miscarriages, and birth defects. New triggers found for weight gain (Chicago Tribune, 9/30/12) A burgeoning area of research suggests that air pollution, sleep deprivation, and other factors might lead humans to gain weight. […]

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Kristof On Endocrine Disruptors

I hope everyone had a chance to read “How Chemicals Affect Us” by Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times last week. Kristof writes about the government’s total failure to regulate endocrine disruptors, despite growing evidence that exposure to these chemicals causes breast cancer, infertility, low sperm counts, genital deformities, early menstruation, diabetes, and obesity. […]

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Joining the Effort

We’ve recently seen how online advocacy leads to change — think of Pink Slime or BPA. What if we could get manufacturers to stop using cancer-causing chemicals in products like strollers and car seats? Take a few seconds to sign this petition to Graco telling its president that you oppose the use of flame retardants […]

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A Victory for Strawberry Eaters and Farm Workers

Arysta Life Sciences announced on Tuesday that it will immediately suspend sales of MIDAS in the United States. MIDAS is the brand name of methyl iodide, a dangerous pesticide used on California strawberry fields. Scientists believe the chemical causes cancer, brain damage, and miscarriages among the workers who handle it.  A letter from more than […]

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Do you support a ban on BPA?

By March 31, the Food and Drug Administration will decide whether to continue to allow the use of BPA in food packaging. Enviromental Working Group has made it easy to contact the FDA. Click here to tell the agency that you support a ban on BPA in all food and food containers. I am writing […]

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Bye-Bye Bakelite

I have a modest and sentimental collection of vintage Bakelite bracelets. I began acquiring them when my husband gave me a pair for my birthday. They are wonderfully cheerful. I mixed and matched and wore them almost every day. When I was buying the bracelets, I learned a trick to tell whether they were real […]

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Harmful Chemicals Found in Consumer Products

A study by Silent Spring Institute reveals that consumer products contain hormone disruptors and chemicals linked to asthma that are not listed on the product labels. The peer-reviewed study, published yesterday in Environmental Health News, tested both conventional products and their alternatives, which are marketed as being safer. Harmful chemicals were found in all the […]

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Good News: Campbell’s to End BPA in Soup Cans

Your signatures, phone calls, and protests have paid off! Campbell’s Soup will stop using BPA in the lining of its cans. The company says it will make the transition from BPA as soon as “feasible alternatives are possible.” A study of canned goods last year found the highest levels of BPA in Campbell’s products marketed […]

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