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5 Uses For Vinegar In the Kitchen

Vinegar is safe and cheap. There might be a hundred ways to use it in the kitchen. Here are five. […]

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Harmful Chemicals Found in Consumer Products

A study by Silent Spring Institute reveals that consumer products contain hormone disruptors and chemicals linked to asthma that are not listed on the product labels. The peer-reviewed study, published yesterday in Environmental Health News, tested both conventional products and their alternatives, which are marketed as being safer. Harmful chemicals were found in all the […]

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A Safe Scrub for Household Cleaning

A sparkling kitchen sink is a beautiful thing, but I don’t want chemical residue around our food. Here’s a recipe for an alternative to the heavy duty chemicals in most commercial cleaners. It takes about twelve seconds to reach for the ingredients and mix them up. Add several drops of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap […]

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