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My Little Valentines

Sweet William and Darling Fergus are getting ready for Valentine’s Day. This morning they made oat-corn muffins filled with berry jam, an allergen-free treat that Fergus can sample before we deliver them to our new neighbors. […]

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Flying With a Food-Allergic Baby

The countdown has begun! Tomorrow our family heads to San Francisco for Aunt Kathryn’s wedding. Sweet William and Darling Fergus are already experienced travelers, having visited different parts of the country by train, plane, and rental car. It feels like I’ve packed our bags a thousand times, but I get a little nervous when I […]

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Sweet William attacks a turkey meatball.

Sweet William’s Eggless Turkey Meatballs

Sweet William is a pretty good eater, but I’m always excited to find a way to slip a green vegetable onto his plate. Here’s my latest success …

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Darling Fergus

Food Allergies

I can’t resist sharing this photo of Darling Fergus, who is almost nine months old. He really knows how to ham it up for the camera. Fergus began eating solid foods when he was a little more than six months old. Avocado and banana, two mushy and seemingly benign foods, triggered hives. We quickly took […]

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