ZukaBaby and Fergus’ New Shoes

The first time I visited ZukaBaby, a little shop on Magazine Street in New Orleans, I felt a mix of joy and frustration. So many wonderful, safe baby products! And so many hours of research I could have saved if I had found ZukaBaby sooner!

ZukaBaby carries our favorite clothing (Under the Nile), toys (Maple Landmark and Green Toys), nursing wear (Glamourmom), feeding gear (Mimi the Sardine, LunchBots, and Beaba), and highchair (Stokke Tripp Trapp). Looking around the store is a little like digging through our drawers and toy box. (If you’re not in New Orleans, shop online here.)

On my last visit, I bought Fergus his first pair of shoes. They’re called Chauchas and are made of chrome-free leather and non-toxic, vegetable-based dyes that won’t hurt him when he chews on them.


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